12 Times Only Challenge

In a space of 12 months, you only have about 12 chances to do the stuff you want (especially if you get paid 12 times.) So, think of 12 significant events/goals you want to achieve & allocate one activity per month, then try to get it done in that month.

Jan: Breakfast date with my best friend
Feb: Valentine’s weekend getaway
March: Baking class
April: Repaint my kitchen
May: A trip to Bali
June: Visit parents
July: Complete thesis/dissertation
August: Camp weekend at Sossusvlei,
September: My birthday party

…visiting a friend out of town, taking up guitar lessons, one YouTube video per month, & so forth…

It is possible to allocate 2, 3 or more items in a single month (as long as it is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & time-bound) – make sure no month goes to waste.

Have fun! Schedule a session with us if you’d like help planning or staying accountable ♥️